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God has given us a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7)


There is a special grace released on the children in Sound Mind causing them to excel academically.  This week, I received great news from Kayla’s teacher; she is doing exceptionally well.  Every child in Sound Mind is operating in that same unction!


I just want to use this opportunity to thank Team Sound Mind for the great work they are doing.  I have received several calls and emails from Jonathan’s teachers at school to say they are really happy with his performance.  They say he has improved so much especially in Maths and Science.  Thank you Sound Mind.  May God reward your labour of love


Wow!  Thank you Sound Mind!  Last week I got a letter from my son’s school from his English teacher.  The English teacher was saying she was very pleased with my son’s hard work, attitude to learning and behaviour.  Thank you Team Sound Mind.  Your labour of love is not in vain!


God has been good.  My son has so much improved at school since he started taking the Sound Mind lessons.  At Sound Mind, they not only teach the children, they also pray and declare words of wisdom and favour on them.  Thank you so much Sound Mind school.  Sound Mind is a blessing to all.  My son was selected as the school prefect.  All glory to God.



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