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God has given us a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7)

Class C(Charis)

(For week commencing 27/11/16; Due 11/12/16):

1. Revise your synonyms list

2. Revise the use of capital letters.  Refer to your handout given out on Sunday.

3. Revise all new words learnt to date and know the meanings.

4. Correct the following sentences:
a She was the oldest of the two sisters
b. Neither John or James were present
c. She is not as old as me
d. The best team won the football match
e. The man was at the corner and his dog

5. Form nouns from the following words:
a. able
b. act
d. loyal
e. choose

(For week commencing 13/11/16 & 20/11/16):

1. Please learn

Please learn these synonyms: synonyms2

2.  Revise

Please revise these synonyms: synonyms

3. Learn the following new words

  1. Apprehensive
  2. Banish
  3. Clemency
  4. Extinction
  5. Habitat
  6. Incision
  7. Placid
  8. Quaint
  9. Sow
  10. Succumb

Make sure you add these words to your vocabulary book!

Week commencing 6/11/16

1. Learn the following new words (Dcns Zoe):

(Words must be written in their vocabulary book)

  1. Convey
  2. Coy
  3. Debrief
  4. Dilapidated
  5. Elude
  6. Exterior
  7. Hasty
  8. Inaudible
  9. Malady
  10. Trivia

2. Verbal Reasoning

Please print out the following handout for your children> verbal-reasoning

Due:  Next Verbal Reasoning Class, most likely in 2 weeks

Homework for week 31/10/16

Vocabulary Exercise book

Deaconess Zoe will give each child an exercise book next week which is for vocabulary only.  All new words given in class should be recorded in this vocabulary book.  Also all new words that the children learn must be recorded in this vocabulary book.  Alternatively, parents, please buy an exercise book for your children so they can start now.  

 Learn the following new words (Dcns Zoe):

  1. Bewildered
  2. Cunning
  3. Derelict
  4. Flamboyant
  5. Humble
  6. Interrogate
  7. Lament
  8. Oath
  9. Pioneer
  10. Seize

Maths Homework (Bro Fenny)


Homework for week of 24/10/16

 Learn the following new words (Dcns Zoe):

  1. Eschew
  2. Abstain
  3. Wispy
  4. Announce
  5. Peer
  6. Recuperate
  7. Emancipate
  8. Stifle
  9. Bemoan
  10. Gregarious

Non Verbal Reasoning – Dcns Zoe

All children should have received the following handout:


Homework for week of 10/10/16

Verbal Reasoning (Dcns Zoe)

Hand to Deaconess Zoe


Homework for week of 3/10/16

Maths (Bro Fenny)

All children should have received the following handout:


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