It’s a new year.  Well, we are 3 or so weeks into the year.  And with education, even, with young children, it is important to get them into the habits of dreaming and planning their year ahead.

For us in Christ Embassy, it is the Year of FLOURISHING.  One of the key things Pastor Chris Oyakhilome stated was taken from Psalm 90:12.  Here it is in the ISV version

Teach us to keep account of our days so we may develop inner wisdom.

No child is too young to learn to plan their day.  If they can start at an early age, it quickly becomes a habit.

Questions such as…

What are you doing in school today?  

What lessons do you have?  

What do want to achieve?

…are good questions to get that planning mindset ingrained in them.

Teach them not to just stumble into their day and therefore develop a whatever will be will be, kind of attitude.

If they can learn to start planning now, they will learn to schedule their time, learn not to be late for appointments and meetings, learn to set the wheels in motions for their lives.

I can testify to this.  By age 10, I had a good idea of a lot of the things I wanted to achieve in life, and even though I did not know the spiritual principle then, I would say them!  My parents played a big role into moulding such thinking.  By 14, most of my goals had been clearly defined.  I knew what I wanted to study.

Example, I knew I wanted an overseas education.  I knew how far I wanted to go with my academics, and so on.

The good thing is that a lot of the things I later achieved came from those childhood dreams and plans I had laid out with the help of my parents. And I did study what I had planned at that young age.

So, teach your kids to plan.  Teach them to number their days.  With Christ in them, their achievements will be so great and far greater than what we achieved.

Happy Flourishing…and planning!