Literary Competition

Children are invited to write an essay/story for a literary competition.

All essays/stories to be submitted by Sunday 8th January 2017. The winner will be announced by 22nd January.  Prize will be presented at the next Parents Empowerment Seminar. Children will be graded according to age.

  • Essays/stories should be 300 to 500 words.
  • Essays/stories must be handwritten. Presentation is important!
  • Children should write their full name and age at the top of each sheet
  • Children to write on ruled A4 sheet

This essay/story will improve their literacy, presentation, handwriting  and grammar.  A lot of children are increasingly not taught in school to be competitive these days yet we live in a competitive world.  This competition will teach your children about healthy competition.

Choose one from the following topics:

  • Why I like Christmas
  • Why I like Children’s Church
  • My Pastor
  • My Christmas holiday
  • Write a short  story (Creative writing).  E.g. write a Christmas story

Encourage your children to enter, be competitive and have fun!!