Homework is given to help learners to consolidate what has been taught, identify areas of strength or weakness and to stretch those who are gifted.

In Maths, homework covering many topics, are often given to challenge the learners and enable them revise what they have done before in school -not just in Sound Mind School.

Homework also motivates gifted learners to go the extra mile, do some research and even teach themselves.

This makes such students stand out, distinguish themselves and excel.

Sound Mind School parents have a vital role to play in encouraging learners to do their homework. They need to visit this website regularly and check the homework page. Find out what homework their children have; also give them access to the website and incentive to do the homework.

We have observed that only very few of our learners take their homework seriously by doing them and submitting them.

From the new year we will only give homework to those crave for excellence; those who do and submit them.

We thank you for your partnership and cooperation as we serve you and serve God through Sound Mind School.