One of the keys in good English and writing is reading.

It is amazing how many people want to write books but never read!  I often wonder how they can say they want to be a writer.  Writers are first readers.  My writing mentor told me  when I met her that she reads and reads and reads!  Especially books in the genre she writes.  Anyway I digressed…

When I was taught to read in primary school, we had to get to the level whereby we were able to read without stumbling or misreading a single word!  Now, that takes practice in reading.  It takes reading a lot to read perfectly.

We were told to watch the news and see how those reading the news never made a single mistake.  Check it and see.  How many times do you see a newscaster repeating a word or stumbling over a word on BBC?

This was what we were to aspire to.

We were also marked for speed in reading.  The teacher would say, ‘stop counting your words’ if you were reading too slow.

Today, I can see all these benefits.  To improve your child’s reading, buy books for them.  Buy good novels for them outside their textbooks.

By the time I was 10, I could read a novel in a day. I won an International Commonwealth writing competition against children all over the world at the tender age of 9 or 10 years of age!

Where did I get the words to write?  Through reading.  Which is back to my first point on people who want to write without reading!

I am not saying my English is perfect,  however, I still read.  So instead of another game, get a book this weekend for your child.