Maths is Easy…by Fenny West

Maths is easy

When I’ve mastered,

Belted, and subdued

My times table;

Knowing it inside out

Forward and backward

Sequentially and randomly.

Maths is easy

When I make it my friend,

Enjoy spending time in it

And having fun with it.

My positive attitude

Will surely bring altitude

Even beyond my aptitude.

Maths is easy

When I see it in the right light-

In the light of the Word.

Then it will bring its reward

Then it will bring great results.

Then it will bring promotion

Even from my confession.

Maths is easy

When I see its beauty, its usefulness,

its wonder and its application.

Yes, Maths is easy

When I know, that I know;

It will bring addition even through its subtraction

and ultimately multiplication,

irrespective of divisions.

Maths is easy

When I see the finger of God in it

through the patterns, symmetry

and unity in nature,

musical equilibrium and consistency.