Maths is easy.  Sounds like an oxymoron, right?  Well it is not.  Maths is indeed easy!

Think about those three words for a minute…Maths is easy.

The Bible says as a man thinks, so is he.

You see, when I was but a little girl, probably 6 or thereabouts, I remember my dad telling my brother and I those 3 words.  Before fear of Maths could set in, or I could be influenced by the ‘masses’ who believed the opposite, it had been drummed into me.

And because I developed that mindset from the cradle (more or less), Maths became my favourite subject, (and my brother’s too!).  I had a good attitude towards Maths, enjoyed Maths and therefore found it easy.

I was A* all the way in my education where Maths was concerned, expected to win and did win a prize every blessed year in Maths from primary to secondary school.  However, perhaps over confidence earned me a B in Maths A’ levels 😦

(Long story…but I cried, wept, howled and wailed when I got those results…especially being that I had coached all my friends…who ALL ended up with an A!!).

Anyway, lets not go further on that painful reminder :-), but you need to let your children learn to LOVE Maths.  I never took any extra tuition for Maths till my second year of  A’ Levels (although before that time, my dad would coach me at home when I got stuck).

I am a firm believer that imbibing in your children a positive mindset about their approach to Maths is half the battle won.  So get telling your children that Maths is easy!  After all, they have a sound mind.

I love Maths so much; so much that I momentarily considered doing a degree in it. But I thought if I did my option would be to end up as a teacher if I did…!

But then life can throw you a few curved balls, huh?  Hmm…nuff said!!!