Nearly exactly 2 years ago (in a week’s time), I embarked on learning the mighty German language!  My company was offering the lessons free as we had bought out a German company.  I thought ‘hey, why not’!

I had done a bit of German at school. (In my school, the choice was Latin versus German).  I took German for 2 years.  But I did not take it up to GCSE level.  French was enough for me.  So with this second opportunity in a lifetime it seemed I had nothing to lose.

Have I been to Germany?  No or should I say, not yet….  Why am I learning a language that I do not know when I will use it, given most Germans speak English anyway!

It is always good to learn a foreign language.  One never knows.  Besides Germany’s economy in Europe (even though we are leaving Europe) is important.

Well, when the course was offered, we had 20 enthusiastic comrades like myself who eagerly signed up.  Some had even done it for GCSE.  Some bought books to help them.

Over time, one dropped out.  Then another.  By the end of 3 months going into the new year, a few more had dropped off.

Cutting a long story very short, 2 classes dwindled to one.  Then the one class started trimming off too.

Guess how many of us are in the class now?

TWO!  T-w-o!!

So what happened to the others?  Excuses ranged from:

“German is hard” (Do you think the Germans are going to have an easy language?)

“I don’t have time to do the homework” (Really??)

“I will never use it anyway” (Well, apart from practising with Sis Sarah and my German colleagues who speak excellent English anyway but are so happy to hear me trying, I don’t either).

“I thought we would learn tourist German” (Really??)

And on and on.  Now, with just two, the lessons may soon stop as these classes are expensive!

In learning, perseverance is the key.  German looks daunting.  But I have a sound mind.  I cannot drop out.

Besides, everyone says I am the best in the class…I must live to that expectation, ha, and I am glad for the confession into my life.  Cause God keeps opening my  understanding to grasp the language, the more they keep saying it.

Anyway, who else should be the best?

Not because of anything but because I carry the mindset of knowing who I am.  And having that ‘can do’ mindset imbibed in us from our Pastor.

Auf wiedersehen.