Well, I sat with my head tilted as Bro Michael taught 6 to 8 year olds how to make effective presentations.  These Sound Mind children are blessed, I tell you.

Here are some tips they (and I) learnt:

  1. A presentation must have a beginning, middle and ending
  2. The most important is the beginning.  If the beginning is boring, people are less likely to listen to the middle and ending.
  3. One tip to getting people engaged, is start with a question.  Example, ‘How many of you have a friend called Michael?’  Rather than, ‘My name is Michael’.
  4. When people are interested, they tend to tilt their head unconsciously.  (My head was already tilted as he was saying this.  We had to laugh!).
  5. The middle must connect to the beginning.  It must make sense to the beginning.
  6. The ending is important too because you want your audience to remember what you said.  You want them to be happy, inspired, or some positive emotion.
  7. When you finish your presentation, thank everyone for listening.

Can you imagine, this was taught to 6 to 8 year olds?  These are our pastors, presidents and speakers of the House coming up!  Imagine the public speeches they will make that will recorded in history books.

Oh… thank you for reading 🙂