I am currently learning German.  I would say I have the vocabulary of perhaps a 2 or 3 year old. How can I improve my German?  By continually learning new words.

In fact, my German teacher says that we should have a vocabulary book where we write new words we learn.  That was how she learnt English.  And her English is very fluent.

The same applies when you are learning English in school.  The more words you learn, the better and more confident you are in English.

Learn to spell them too!

Yep…don’t rely on the spell checker.

Well here are some words for children in mainly Class C should learn. (Image is above).  They are synonyms.  Synonyms are words similar in meaning.  Parents, get cracking with your children.

There will be a test some time!

So, parents, you know what to do.  And remember there is a prize at the end of the term for each class for the most diligent pupil.  Who will it be?