Tribute to Deaconess Sandra on her birthday

Today is Deaconess Sandra birthday.  And we celebrate a lady with tenacious faith and boldness to do what God has called her to do. It takes determination to press ahead in a vision that God calls you to do when many are myopic in that thing.

But there are lessons to be learnt from leaders such as Deaconess. And one of them is how confident her children are.   Deaconess and Pastor have invested so much in them.  What can we learn from our role models especially where it comes to education?

10 Great things we can learn:

1  Put God first in everything

It is no secret how hard Pastor and Deaconess work in the ministry.  Pastor often leaves church on Sunday after 5 p.m.  With the entire family.  Yet Joshua and Sarah have not lacked because of this service to the greatest Employer…God.  Joshua and Sarah have so many dumb founding opportunities that have been opened to them that came with no struggle!  Ask them.  Now what could be the link, I wonder?

2  Sacrifice

What are you willing to give up to secure your children’s future? Deaconess has said that she would forego buying a new outfit for an event or an occasion because of a seed!

3 Motivation

Pastor and Deaconess always tell their children they are the best and create opportunities for them to rise above their circumstances.

4 Values

Deaconess told a ‘not so happy’ Joshua to give all his 10th  birthday money as a seed.  I had to laugh when Joshua lamented to me 🙂

5 Focused

Pastor and Deaconess know the results they want to achieve and do not allow distractions

6 Look for gifts in their children

Joshua developed an affinity  for computers at an early age.  At 10, he built a computer single handedly. Today he is writing code. They buy good resources for their children, even what is outside the curriculum, just to stretch them.

7 Encourage extra-curricular activity

Joshua is a cub.  Joining brownies, cubs, and such groups teaches your children so much.  I remember learning some very unique things too myself as a brownie.

8 Sow

Pastor and Deaconess sow in the lives of others especially in areas they want to see for their children.  You see something that you want in your children that perhaps is not apparent in your life yet?  Rather than be the fox that said the grapes was sour because it could not climb the tree, why not sow in the person’s life?

9 Seek knowledge

Pastor and Deaconess will research and go for knowledge.  They will ask where there are  gaps.  It takes humility to do so as leaders.

10 Do not recognize limitations

Pastor and Deaconess maintain their confessions regarding their children irrespective of any report that does not agree at the time of what they want to see in their children.

Happy birthday Ma.  We love you.  Thank you for teaching us by example!