There is so much as parents you can do to bring out the best in your child’s education.

Here are some tips my mother imbibed in me:

Mum bought novels especially during the summer holidays.   I probably read one novel every week.  She always vetted the novels by reading the summary before giving them to me (Skill learnt: Reading and Comprehension)

I was usually learning a new skill every summer such as Computing or further lessons in Maths, English and Science (Skill learnt: discipline, enhanced subject knowledge)

Mum even offered to teach me her subject area. (She would always say Orode come let me teach you anatomy.  I was still in primary school! ). I never actually wished for her to tutor me, but my interest was spiked and I started reading the books myself.

Remember she worked full-time and shifts.  What were the skills she was putting in me?

  • Enthusiasm for studying
  • To enjoy learning
  • To become an independent learner

From the age I could hold a pen, I was encouraged to write letters. (She still has my first letter; I think it was written when I was 5).

Did you read any complex books like I did at an early age?