Children, remember you have a sound mind!  And remember, we are going somewhere with all these extra sound mind classes.  Are you not blessed to have a Pastor like Pastor Nelson thinking of your future?  Make sure you say ‘thank you’ to Pastor and Deaconess next time you see them.

Now back to homework!  You had homework from Sunday. Remember?

Class C (9 to 11 year old)

If you are in Class C, Bro Fenny gave you Maths handouts.  Make sure you do these.  Hand them over to him or Deaconess Zoe on Sunday.

Class D (11+ to 13)

If you are in Class D, remember you learnt about idioms.  You are to make a sentence each with an idiom.   Hand over to Bro Raphael or Deaconess Zoe on Sunday.

Children will be getting periodic reports for their parents, so it is imperative the children do these homework so parents can monitor their progress.  Parents, the word here is ….encouragement!

 And there is a reason for posting that beautiful picture.  Yep, I am going to let the cat out of the bag (if you don’t know what that means ask a Class D pupil…they did idioms, hee hee).

…..Those are the prizes children get to win at the end of each term!!!  

Prize is for most diligent in class.  One child per class.

And remember there is the Graduation to look forward at the end of the academic year.  So everything you do now starts counting to the prizes you will earn then!

The race is on!