Well Bro Fenny is warming up for Class C (i.e. the 9 to 11 year olds), this Sunday.  This class is where the children are going to be groomed for the 11 plus Grammar school exams.

That means they are going to work H-A-R-D.  

That means they will be given pre-class homework.

That means they will be given homework every week and between classes!

That means that they will have to do all of the above!

So for this week the pre-class homework is for the children to know their times table!  Bro Fenny says to do Maths, you must know these.  I agree.

But Bro Fenny has provided a fun way to learn them.  Take a look here…

I love it.  Why oh why, did my teachers/parents not teach me this way, lol!  Had to learn it the hard way, no joking!

And look this wonderful one from Bro Wilfred.  This works for 9 times table!

I tested it.  It works.  Tested what?  Go ahead and click video above and see.  Bro Brian said he used to count fingers, toes and buttons.  No mate, not in Sound Mind!!!!!  So parents, it is serious business.  Get your children learning these…

…Because I hear there is going to be an assessment on Sunday!