My my!  While Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are getting all set for their Presidential elections in November, Sound Mind School has elected the new president for the next academic year.

The last president, Sarah, wow!  She put structures in place.  She was appointed when the soup was hot…you know when the children were asking their parents why they had to attend these classes.

Sarah enforced discipline.  And she led by example.  Can you imagine, in a 52 week year, Sarah only missed 2 classes.  Now, that is some record.

Well, congrats Sarah you did a great job and I tell you, we will miss you…but hey ho…your term is over…and we don’t have lifetime presidents in Sound Mind School!

So congratulations to Geoffrey and Leon.  Sarah is so in the spirit.  Few minutes before we appointed the new president, I asked Sarah who she thought the next president would be…and she guessed right.

So Geoffrey and Leon, you have a tall order in front of you.  Time to take Sound Mind School to the next level.

But you guys can do all things through Christ who strengthen you!