So the children were recognized as we reported in our Part 1 report of the glorious Graduation day

Can you imagine, they wore graduation gowns.  The cuteness factor was too high…if you missed it, make sure you reserve your place in time for next year’s ceremony because there is no saying how that is going to be.  Anyway, the youngest among them were two cutey pies, both barely three years old.

The children won prizes for categories such as:

  • Excellent Attendance
  • Best Attendance
  • Most Improved Behaviour
  • Best Behaviour
  • Helpful
  • Most Helpful (This kid would be on all fours picking up the bits after class…man!!)
  • Excellent Participation
  • Most Participating
  • Potential
  • Daniel prize of Excellence (This kid says everything is easy even work 2 years ahead of him…and gets them right!)
  • Sound Mind child of the Year (This kid had the biggest grin)

Fortunately as a teacher, I got an appreciation certificate cause I was wishing I was a child all over again.  On a serious note, the children deserved their prizes.  They worked hard.

Remember, on earth you will get awards, but there are rewards in heaven.  So whatever you do, make sure you are heaven bound to receive that heavenly reward one day by the King of Kings Himself!